A-RIX eyelash company has been established for 12 years in China and has accompanied many premium eyelash brands in Japan, the United States, and Europe to grow together. We have always been committed to providing customized professional products for each customer. Exceptionally, we choose BASF imported from Germany as raw materials, and strictly control the production process to make the eyelashes soft, light, and non-rebound, thus providing the most professional products to lash artists.

In view of the continuous research on raw materials and production processes, we can now provide differentiated customized products for each company or technician with special needs according to the technician's training and usage habits. 

For example, our "Cluster pick camellia eyelash" is a special product customized for training academies. The product's base has a thin layer of glue, which can be picked in clusters aiming at the fast lash application market. This newly developed product has the characteristics of not easy to fall apart, soft, and non-rebound. And "Four-tips flat lash" is another new product we developed. Compared to the traditional flat lash, the four-tip flat lash is softer and weighs only as 70% as the traditional ones, which also provides a more distinct eyelash look.

Eyelash extensions are very important in the eyelash extension program in beauty salons. Customizing or creating eyelash extension brands can give customers a different perception of eyelashes. As a professional eyelash extension manufacturer and supplier, A-RIX eyelash company can help you create eyelash brand and expand cooperation.

We sincerely welcome anyone with ideas to develop more new products together.