Flat eyelash extension became popular in the Asian market in 2019. Flat eyelashes have the characteristics of fast application, soft, long lasting , fluffier and more full look than classic lashes. If you pursue the natural look as the classic lashes with a more volume feel, flat lashes is undoubtedly the best choice.

  Because the base of the flat lashes is relatively wide, it is easier for eyelash technicians to pick up the lashes and prevent the flipping problem during the process of lash placement. Whats more, the unique shape of the double-tip, triple-tip flat lashes base provides a larger contact area for adhesive fastening, making the lash more tightly attached to the natural eyelashes.

Recently, we have developed a new four-tip flat eyelash for a Japanese company. The manager of that company approached us with the need for a four-tip flat lash product . So we developed the product for the customer in more than 6 months from April 2020. We can now make 0.15/0.20 thicknesses in black and brown color for option, thus helping the customer to take advantage in their the market.