Two Tone Color Eyelash Extension 0.07

Two Tone Color Eyelash Extension 0.07
Two Tone Color Eyelash Extension 0.07
Two Tone Color Eyelash Extension 0.07
Two Tone Color Eyelash Extension 0.07
Two Tone Color Eyelash Extension 0.07
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Different color lash help to deliver on-trend lash designs,Create unique styles and make your eyes pop.

0.07mm Two Tone Color Eyelash Extensions are a type of lash extension that combines a fine diameter of 0.07mm with two different shades of color. This creates a unique and eye-catching effect that adds depth and dimension to the lashes. Let's break down what each term means:

0.07mm Diameter:

The diameter of 0.07mm refers to the thickness of each individual lash extension. A smaller diameter, such as 0.07mm, is considered lightweight and provides a more natural look. It is often used for creating volume lash sets while maintaining comfort for the wearer.

Two Tone Color:

Two-tone color eyelash extensions involve using two different shades of color on the lash extensions. This technique creates a dimensional effect where the lashes appear darker at the base and gradually transition to a lighter shade towards the tips. The two-tone effect can mimic the natural gradient of real eyelashes and adds a subtle yet captivating contrast.

Combining these two elements results in a lash extension style that offers both volume and a visually appealing color variation.

Here's how the process works:

Preparation: Begin with clean and dry natural lashes. Ensure that the eye area is free of makeup and oils.

Lash Selection: Choose 0.07mm diameter lash extensions in two different tones. These tones could range from black to brown, black to dark blue, or any other combination you prefer.

Application: Apply the darker-toned lash extensions closer to the lash line, creating a defined and bold base. As you move towards the tips of the lashes, transition to the lighter-toned extensions. This creates the two-tone effect.

Customization: Adjust the placement of the extensions to achieve the desired color gradient. You can customize the intensity of the two-tone effect based on your client's preferences.

Completion: Once all the lash extensions are applied, gently brush through the lashes to ensure they are properly separated and the two-tone effect is evenly distributed.

Aftercare: Provide your client with aftercare instructions to maintain the longevity of the extensions and the vibrancy of the two-tone color.

Two-tone color eyelash extensions can provide a subtle and captivating twist to traditional lash extensions, enhancing the overall eye appearance and creating a unique look.

As always, proper application technique, hygiene, and safety should be prioritized when working with lash extensions. If you're a lash technician, it's recommended to practice this technique extensively or seek further training to ensure you achieve the desired two-tone color effect successfully.

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Creating a package for 0.07mm Two Tone Color Eyelash Extensions involves putting together a set of products and services to offer clients. Here's an example of what a package could include:

Package Name: Two Tone Color Lash Enhancement

Description:Elevate your lash game with our Two Tone Color Eyelash Extension package. Experience the allure of finely crafted lashes that blend seamlessly and create depth with a mesmerizing two-tone effect. Our skilled lash technicians will enhance your natural beauty while providing a touch of drama and dimension.

Package Includes:

  1. Consultation:Personalized consultation to determine the best color tones and styles to enhance your unique eye shape and preferences.

  2. Two Tone Color Eyelash Extensions:Application of lightweight 0.07mm diameter lash extensions in a carefully curated two-tone color blend, creating a captivating gradient effect.

  3. Professional Application:Precise and comfortable lash extension application by our experienced lash technicians, ensuring a seamless and natural look.

  4. Customized Styling:Tailoring the lash placement and gradient intensity to achieve your desired two-tone color effect while maintaining a flattering lash pattern.

  5. Aftercare Guidance:Detailed aftercare instructions to help you maintain the longevity and vibrancy of your two-tone color lash extensions.

  6. Optional Touch-Up:An optional touch-up session to ensure your lash extensions remain flawless and vibrant.


  • Enhance your natural beauty with a captivating two-tone color effect.

  • Achieve a dimensional lash look that adds depth and allure to your eyes.

  • Enjoy lightweight and comfortable 0.07mm diameter lash extensions.

  • Receive personalized styling and aftercare guidance from our skilled technicians.

  • Experience the perfect blend of drama and subtlety for everyday wear or special occasions.

Price:Package pricing may vary based on location, salon rates, and additional services included. Contact us for detailed pricing information.

Booking:To book your Two Tone Color Eyelash Extension package, contact us at [Salon Phone Number] or visit [Salon Website].

Note: This is a sample package description. The actual package content, pricing, and details may vary based on your specific salon's offerings and pricing structure. It's important to customize the package to fit your brand, services, and client needs.






1. What Are 0.07mm Two Tone Color Eyelash Extensions?

0.07mm Two Tone Color Eyelash Extensions are a type of lash enhancement that combines the use of lightweight lash extensions with a two-tone color effect. The extensions have a diameter of 0.07mm and are applied in a way that creates a seamless transition between two different shades, adding depth and dimension to the lashes.

2. How Is the Two Tone Color Effect Achieved?

The two-tone color effect is achieved by applying lash extensions with two different shades. The darker shade is typically applied at the base of the lashes, while the lighter shade is gradually blended towards the tips, creating a captivating gradient effect.

3. Are These Lash Extensions Comfortable to Wear?

Yes, 0.07mm diameter lash extensions are lightweight and comfortable to wear. They are designed to be gentle on your natural lashes while providing a beautiful and natural-looking enhancement.

4. Can I Choose the Colors for the Two Tone Effect?

Absolutely! During your consultation, our skilled lash technicians will work with you to select the colors that best complement your eye color, skin tone, and desired look.

5. How Long Do Two Tone Color Eyelash Extensions Last?

The longevity of eyelash extensions varies based on your natural lash growth cycle and aftercare. On average, they can last 2 to 4 weeks before requiring a touch-up.

6. Can I Customize the Intensity of the Two Tone Effect?

Yes, the intensity of the two-tone effect can be customized to your preferences. Our lash technicians will tailor the placement and color blend to achieve your desired level of dimension.

7. Are Two Tone Color Eyelash Extensions Suitable for Special Occasions?

Absolutely! The two-tone color effect adds a touch of glamour and allure, making these extensions perfect for special occasions, photoshoots, weddings, or any event where you want your eyes to stand out.

8. Is There Any Special Aftercare Required for Two Tone Color Extensions?

While the aftercare routine for two-tone color extensions is similar to regular lash extensions, it's important to avoid excessive exposure to water, steam, and oil-based products to maintain the vibrancy of the color and the longevity of the extensions.

9. Can I Wear Eye Makeup with Two Tone Color Eyelash Extensions?

Yes, you can wear eye makeup with these extensions. However, it's recommended to use oil-free makeup products and be gentle when removing makeup to prevent damage to the extensions.

10. How Do I Book a Two Tone Color Eyelash Extension Appointment?

To book your Two Tone Color Eyelash Extension appointment, contact us at [Salon Phone Number] or visit [Salon Website]. Our skilled lash technicians will be happy to assist you and answer any additional questions you may have.

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