0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes Self Fanning Residue Free Volume Set

0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes Self Fanning Residue Free Volume Set
0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes Self Fanning Residue Free Volume Set
0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes Self Fanning Residue Free Volume Set
0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes Self Fanning Residue Free Volume Set
0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes Self Fanning Residue Free Volume Set
0.05 mm/0.07 mm
matte black/ dark brown/ coloured
PBT Fiber
Main market
USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Poland, Japan
Customized Packaging Accepted
Delivery date
7-30 days
Easy Fanning volume lashes contains self-fanning lashes of a single length from which you can create a bold and volume set with maximum fullness.The Easy Fanning Volume Lashes fan themselves, enabling lash techs at all skill levels to create volume lashes by picking up the desired number of lashes to easily create volume fans from 2D to 10D+.

Introducing the 0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes Self Fanning Residue-Free Volume Set

Are you ready to take your lash game to the next level? Introducing our revolutionary 0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes Self Fanning Residue-Free Volume Set. Crafted with precision and innovation, this set is designed to make volume lash application a breeze, providing you with the tools to create stunning volume and depth without the hassle. Say goodbye to residue and hello to effortless elegance with these game-changing easy fan lashes.

Features of the 0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes Self Fanning Residue-Free Volume Set:

Ultra-Thin Diameter (0.05mm):

These lashes feature an ultra-fine diameter of 0.05mm, allowing you to achieve the fullest volume effect without the weight and discomfort.

Self-Fanning Technology:

Experience the ease of application with our self-fanning technology. Each lash strip is designed to fan out effortlessly, saving you time and effort during the lash application process.

Create Custom Volume:

With the ability to control the number of lashes in each fan, you can easily customize the volume according to your client's preferences and eye shape.

Residue-Free Formula:

Our lashes are crafted using a residue-free adhesive formula. This ensures that the fans stay open, creating a clean and seamless appearance.

Effortless Application:

Even if you're new to volume lash application, our easy fan lashes streamline the process, helping you achieve professional-looking results with ease.

High-Quality Materials:

Crafted from premium synthetic fibers, these lashes are lightweight and comfortable to wear, ensuring your clients' satisfaction and comfort.

Versatile Styles:

The 0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes come in various curl patterns and lengths, allowing you to create a wide range of volume lash looks, from natural to dramatic.

Residue-Free Finish:

The residue-free formula ensures that the fans remain open and beautifully fanned out, enhancing the overall volume and texture of the lash set.

Precision and Detail:

Each lash is meticulously designed to be symmetrical and uniform, ensuring a consistent and stunning result for every application.

How to Use the 0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes Self Fanning Residue-Free Volume Set:

Prepare Your Lashes: Ensure your natural lashes are clean, dry, and free from oils or makeup residue.

Select Your Lashes: Choose the appropriate lash style, curl, and length from the set based on your client's desired look.

Fan Creation: Gently hold the lash strip and use your tweezer to pinch the base of the lashes, creating a fan. The lashes will automatically self-fan, saving you time and effort.

Dip in Adhesive: Dip the fanned lashes into a small amount of lash adhesive, ensuring the base of the fan is coated evenly.

Application: Apply the fan to the natural lash using gentle pressure, ensuring it's adhered securely but comfortably.

Repeat the Process: Continue creating fans and applying them across the lash line, adjusting the volume according to the desired outcome.

Experience Effortless Volume with the 0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes Set

Step into a world of simplified volume lash application with our 0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes Self Fanning Residue-Free Volume Set. Elevate your lash artistry with precision, control, and convenience, all while delivering stunning volume results that leave your clients feeling confident and beautiful. Experience the future of volume lashes today!


A-RIX Easy fan volume lashes

Unlike other lash extensions that are produced as one layer of individual lashes, easy fan lashes have a unique sticky base that prevents fans from separating and falling apart after pick-up.Specially treated roots ensure that lashes stay bonded when pulled off the strip, also there is no excess glue at the base of the lashes.

Fans may be simply created by applying a minimum amount of tweezer pressure , counting each lash, and grabbing the number of lashes you want for your fan lash.You and your customers benefit from reduced application times without losing the fluffy and dramatic look. The process is residue-free. No curl is lost and lashes never come off in clumps.

How to private label Easy Fan Lashes pacage?

Creating a private label for the 0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes package involves branding the lashes with your own company's logo, design, and identity. This allows you to offer a unique product while leveraging the quality and convenience of the existing product. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to private label the 0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes package:

1. Research and Planning:

Research the market and identify your target audience.

Decide on the branding elements such as logo, color scheme, and packaging design.

Determine the quantity of lashes you want to order for your private label.

2. Choose a Supplier:

Contact the original manufacturer or supplier of the 0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes to discuss private labeling options.

Ensure the supplier is reliable, offers customization, and can meet your requirements.

3. Design Your Branding:

Design a unique logo and choose a color palette that resonates with your brand identity.

Create packaging designs that include your logo, lash styles, product details, and any other information you'd like to showcase.

4. Package Customization:

Work with the supplier to customize the packaging with your branding elements. This can include the box, labels, and any inserts.

5. Product Selection:

Choose the specific styles, curl types, and lengths of the 0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes that you want to include in your private label package.

6. Quality Assurance:

Request samples from the supplier to ensure the quality meets your standards.

Test the lashes for comfort, durability, and ease of use.

7. Legal Considerations:

If you're using a brand name or logo that you haven't used before, consider trademark registration to protect your brand identity.

8. Pricing Strategy:

Determine the pricing for your private label package. Consider factors like production costs, packaging, and desired profit margins.

9. Place Your Order:

Once you're satisfied with the samples and the design, place your order with the supplier. Ensure you communicate all customization details clearly.

10. Marketing and Launch:

Develop a marketing strategy to promote your private label 0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes package.

Create a launch plan that includes social media announcements, collaborations, and any special offers.

11. Distribution and Sales:

Receive your private label packages from the supplier.

Set up a distribution system, whether you're selling through your own website, in a retail store, or through beauty professionals.

12. Customer Feedback:

Gather feedback from customers to ensure satisfaction with the product's quality, packaging, and overall experience.

13. Continuous Improvement:

Use customer feedback to make necessary improvements to your private label package over time.

That creating a private label involves more than just putting your logo on a product. It's about building a brand identity, ensuring quality, and providing a unique value proposition to your customers. By offering a private label 0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes package, you can provide a personalized and exclusive product that aligns with your brand's vision and values.

How to do business and make money?

Using the 0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes Self Fanning Residue-Free Volume Set as a business opportunity can be both creatively fulfilling and financially rewarding. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to effectively use these lashes to start a lash extension business and generate income:

1. Skill Development:

Before venturing into a lash extension business, ensure that you have the necessary skills. Practice and perfect your technique in working with the 0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes to create stunning volume sets. If you're new to lash extensions, consider taking professional training courses to enhance your skills and gain confidence.

2. Create a Business Plan:

Develop a comprehensive business plan that outlines your business goals, target market, pricing structure, marketing strategies, and financial projections. A well-thought-out plan will serve as your roadmap for success.

3. Product Sourcing:

Partner with a reputable supplier to source the 0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes Self Fanning Residue-Free Volume Set. Ensure that the lashes are of high quality and that you have a steady supply to meet customer demand.

4. Branding and Packaging:

Create a brand identity for your lash extension business. Design a professional logo, choose a color scheme, and develop appealing packaging for your lash sets. The packaging should reflect the quality and elegance of the lashes.

5. Set Up Your Workspace:

Design a clean, organized, and comfortable workspace for your lash extension services. Ensure you have the necessary equipment, proper lighting, and ergonomic seating to provide a pleasant experience for your clients.

6. Marketing Strategies:

Promote your lash extension business through various marketing channels:

Create a professional website showcasing your services, portfolio, and pricing.

Leverage social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to showcase before-and-after photos, tutorials, and client testimonials.

Collaborate with local salons and beauty influencers to reach a broader audience.

Offer special promotions and discounts to attract new clients.

7. Client Consultation:

When clients book appointments, conduct thorough consultations to understand their preferences, eye shape, and desired lash look. Recommend lash styles that suit their features and explain the benefits of the 0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes for a natural and comfortable experience.

8. Professional Application:

During the lash application process, use your expertise to create beautiful volume sets using the 0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes. Ensure that the lashes are precisely applied, resulting in a stunning, even, and comfortable outcome.

9. Exceptional Customer Service:

Provide excellent customer service to build trust and retain clients. Address their questions, concerns, and preferences, and make them feel valued and cared for.

10. Pricing Strategy:

Determine your pricing structure based on factors like the complexity of the lash sets, your skill level, and the local market. Ensure your prices reflect the quality of your work and the premium nature of the 0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes.

11. Upselling and Packages:

Offer upselling opportunities, such as lash fills and aftercare products. Create packages that include multiple appointments for clients who wish to maintain their lash extensions over time.

12. Client Satisfaction:

Ensure your clients leave your studio feeling satisfied and confident. A happy customer is more likely to become a repeat client and refer others to your business.

13. Continuous Learning:

Stay updated with the latest lash extension techniques, trends, and industry advancements. Attend workshops, webinars, and conferences to further enhance your skills.

By combining your skills, the quality of the 0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes, effective marketing strategies, and exceptional customer service, you can build a thriving lash extension business that generates steady income and establishes a loyal clientele. Remember that success takes time, dedication, and a genuine passion for delivering beautiful results to your clients.


Q1: What are 0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes?

A1: 0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes are premium synthetic lash extensions designed for volume lash applications. They feature an ultra-fine diameter of 0.05mm and are crafted to self-fan, simplifying the process of creating stunning volume lash sets.

Q2: What is self-fanning technology?

A2: Self-fanning technology allows each lash to automatically fan out when you pinch the base, creating a voluminous fan. This innovative feature streamlines the application process and ensures consistent results.

Q3: How do these lashes differ from traditional volume lashes?

A3: Traditional volume lashes require manual fanning, which can be time-consuming. The 0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes self-fan, saving you time and effort while providing precision and uniformity.

Q4: Are these lashes suitable for beginners?

A4: Yes, these lashes are beginner-friendly. The self-fanning feature simplifies the application process, making it accessible for lash artists at various skill levels.

Q5: Do the self-fanned lashes stay open during application?

A5: Yes, these lashes are designed with a residue-free formula that ensures the fans stay open and beautifully fanned out, enhancing the overall volume and texture of the lash set.

Q6: Can I achieve both natural and dramatic looks with these lashes?

A6: Absolutely. The 0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes come in various curl patterns and lengths, allowing you to create a wide range of volume lash looks, from natural to dramatic and everything in between.

Q7: Are these lashes lightweight and comfortable to wear?

A7: Yes, the ultra-fine diameter (0.05mm) of these lashes makes them incredibly lightweight and comfortable. Clients will hardly feel the weight of the extensions on their lashes.

Q8: Do I need special tools for applying these lashes?

A8: While special tools like tweezers and lash adhesive are essential for lash application, the self-fanning feature of these lashes eliminates the need for manual fanning, making the process more straightforward.

Q9: How do I ensure a secure bond when applying self-fanned lashes?

A9: Dip the base of the self-fanned lashes into a small amount of lash adhesive to ensure a secure bond. The adhesive will help the fan adhere to the natural lash effectively.

Q10: Are these lashes reusable?

A10: The 0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes can be worn multiple times if clients follow proper aftercare guidelines. Gently removing and cleaning the lashes after each wear can prolong their lifespan.

Q11: Do you offer training for using these lashes?

A11: We recommend obtaining training in volume lash techniques before using these lashes. However, the self-fanning feature simplifies the process, making them a valuable tool for both beginners and experienced lash artists.

Q12: Are these lashes cruelty-free and ethically sourced?

A12: Yes, these lashes are crafted from premium synthetic fibers, making them cruelty-free and ethically sourced.

Q13: How can I purchase the 0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes Self Fanning Residue-Free Volume Set?

A13: Visit our website or authorized retailers to explore and purchase the 0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes Self Fanning Residue-Free Volume Set. Enjoy the convenience and beauty of effortless volume lash application.

We hope these answers provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the innovation and convenience behind the 0.05mm Easy Fan Lashes. If you have more questions or require further information, don't hesitate to reach out. Experience the future of volume lashes today!

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